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Coco Sweet, the professionals say it best
Every campsite manager finds the Coco Sweet mobile home to be an asset to their campsite. Here are some testimonials.

I chose Coco so that we could still have an entry-level range which would also be a point of difference, which is important for us, but also because it is so easy to look after: you clean the outside with a water jet, close the door and that’s it for the winter!

Camping La Chênaie
Pornic (44)

Coco was an instant hit because of its design, but also because it is so practical and very easy to set up. It is also a very profitable product and allows our guests to experience camping whilst still enjoying a very good level of comfort.

Camping La Roche-Posay Vacances
La Roche-Posay (86)

We chose Coco for its design and finish – they’ve thought of every little detail.

Campeggio Fontana Delle Rose
Mattinata, Italie

We chose the 1 and 2-bedroom Cocos as we wanted to provide a similar standard of comfort to a mobile home but at a lower price, which helped us attract a different type of customer. As it’s a rental arrangement, you don’t need to make a big investment, so we can expand the campsite without getting into debt.

Salvador OLIVÉ
Camping 3 Estrellas
Barcelone, Espagne

Why did we choose Coco? It’s perfect for rental! The leasing offer is very tailored and the value for money speaks for itself. It’s why our Cocos are all full!

Priska et Jürgen FLÖRSCH
Camping Inselcamping Kollersee
Brühl, Allemagne

The Coco Sweet is a unique accommodation concept that is attracting holiday-makers to campsites

On social media, fans of the Coco mobile home share photos of their holiday experiences, create photomontages, use filters and hashtags… all to show off the best images.

1 / Much more than a mobile home, Coco entices the curious

Before they even leave, Internet users are on social media to find out about their destination or even research places to go.

As campsite owners, you should take advantage of this to show off your location before the season starts, enticing families to spend their holiday at your site and collating reviews on the accommodation available.

Once at the site, holiday-makers are still online sharing photos with their families, or all their followers. It is very common for them to show their friends what they have discovered through beautiful photos and moments of happiness.

2 / Make your campsite stand out for a new clientele

Camping beginners

Those new to camping will appreciate the Coco’s original multifunctional design with its separate parents’ and kids’ bedrooms, kitchenette and outside seating area covered by an awning. There are also the comfortable beds, with bedding, electrical appliances and secure access so there is no need to worry about your belongings. A cosy but practical retreat for your first camping holiday!

Nature lovers

Discover the Coco mobile home, an alternative to tents, caravans and campers. Designed to help you enjoy the outdoors to the full, in the sun or shade, each Coco plot is unique. Ideal for holidays where a change of scenery and escape are the order of the day!

Holiday-makers looking for something unique

This innovative accommodation specially designed for campsites offers unique and unforgettable holidays. This original type of holiday rental will be popular with everyone, offering young and old alike an entirely original family holiday. For a new kind of holiday with family or friends, what you need is Coco! Somewhere between a tent and a mobile home, the Coco Sweet will captivate you with its fun personality and original design.


Holidays that bring families together are becoming increasingly rare. Camping provides an opportunity to spend time with the kids, share a holiday together and be a close-knit family. There’s nothing like it for emphasizing the importance of such fundamental values. The Coco mobile home is a place where families can share meals, camping activities, and special evenings together!

And for those who want an original and astounding holiday experience, the Coco concept is an enticing one. Leave routine and old habits behind, try the Coco and opt for something new. This unusual cosy campsite house appeals to even the most demanding holiday-makers looking for something original, stylish and fashionably decorated. The Coco is even attracting glampers!