Coco is by your side

The Coco Sweet is more than just a product, it’s a concept that supports owners from buying to selling accommodation.

A large community

The Coco Sweet has the largest community of people dedicated to rental accommodation on social media.

A lot of bloggers follow us across France, Europe and, soon, where you are too.

A page dedicated to your campsite

As a Coco Sweet owner, you will have a page dedicated to your campsite that is accessible through a world map. Each page will show pictures of your campsite, a description, the services and activities available and a reservation request form for your campsite.

Numerous photos and videos to use in your communications

Discover Coco, with photos and videos for your communication tools. Download all the content that you need for your brochures and websites.

Technical video of the XXL awning assembly

Here are the details of the tools needed to build the awning in addition to your fixing kit, the instructions and the roof and front wall covers :
2 large stepladders,
2 screwdrivers,
1 ratchet,
1 set of flat keys,
1 spirit level,
1 flexible mallet,
1 measuring tape (8m long),

Estimated assembly time: 3 hours with two people.
Please note that it is advisable to dismantle the awning for winter storage and in case of bad weather.

If you intend to replace your awning, Click here for your Coco Sweet spare parts : awning, exterior cover, accessories

Technical video of the awning assembly

You can also find out how to assemble the Coco 2nd generation awning (Coco “trapezoid”) and how to assemble the Coco 1st generation awning (Coco “round”).