of the Coco

Professionals, seduce new customers!
Positioned between the mobile home and the tent, the Coco mobile home is an alternative to your leisure accommodation. Coco Sweet is more than a product, it is a concept that accompanies its owners from acquisition to marketing.

  • Robustly built

    1 – Galvanised steel frame
    2 – Wooden structure covered with gazelle coloured tarpaulin
    3 – Ventilation in all rooms
    4 – 100% glass wool insulation on all sides
    (50mm in the floor, 45mm in the walls and 100mm in the ceiling)
    5 – Phthalate-free lino
    6 – Electricity panel with general circuit breaker
    7 – Low-energy lighting
    8 – Optional shower room

  • Accommodation for flood risk areas (PPRI)

    If your site is in a flood-risk area, then the Coco Sweet mobile home is the accommodation for you. With the Coco Chrono, take advantage of areas previously inaccessible to mobile homes!

  • Security key

    Just because it is covered with canvas, it doesn’t mean anyone can walk in when they want. The entrance of the Coco mobile home is an opaque glass door. It is self-locking, meaning higher security for the occupants and their belongings.

  • Oh look: a bathroom

    We were waiting for it, here it is! The shower room is one of the new features of the COCO mobile home (available in the CHRONO SALLE D’O model). It consists of an 80 x 80 cm shower, with an extra-flat threshold with a silky touch, and a free-standing unit with a washbasin and storage space.

  • In terms of cost-effectiveness, it’s unbeatable!

    With long-term leasing, you don’t have to dip into your cash flow. Coco is offered to you on a monthly or annual basis for 7 years, with no initial outlay.
    Of course, Coco is also available for purchase. The choice is yours!

    Coco generates 3 times more income than a bare plot in high season.

    Source: In-house study on pricing in France for COCO SWEET 2 bedrooms without shower room.


  • The essential awning

    and to offer our holidaymakers more living space, the awning option is available on all Cocos.

  • Environmentally friendly? Definitely!

    The Coco is made from 100% recyclable materials and has low energy consumption but will still blend into the surroundings of your campsite.