Alternative accommodations

More and more of you are seeking new, exceptional, alternatives for your holidays and weekends. There are many opportunities available for you! In fact, alternative accommodations rentals have expanded in recent years: yurts, tree houses, tepees, caravans, igloos, etc. There is something for every taste!

You can now sleep in a caravan, spend your family holiday on a barge, opt for a night in the bell tower of a church, live in a yurt with your family for a weekend, or even climb to the treetops in a tree house! There are many accommodation possibilities for a night or a holiday, each as tantalising as the others.

But how to choose between sleeping in a bubble, renting a lighthouse for a few days, discovering life in an igloo, climbing up to a tree house, relaxing in a yurt, imagining the life of the American Indians in a tepee, or even being charmed by a floating cabin?

Would you prefer nomadic or sedentary accommodations? Do you have vertigo? Do you want to bring your family with you on your holiday? Or do you want a romantic weekend? Do you want to travel back in time, or discover unknown places in your region? There is surely an alternative accommodation just right for you!

Alternative accommodation offers are expanding as fast as demand. Holidaymakers and explorers are curious and seek unique, new, and memorable experiences. Whether in the city or country, there are many alternative accommodations to be unearthed all around you: it’s up to you to find yours! Would you prefer a caravan or a tree house?

One thing is certain; regardless of your choice, you will have many memories and photos to share upon returning from your alternative holiday!